About Me

Hi there! I'm an Entrepreneur & Multidisciplinary Designer!

I'm senior Computer Science Student in Bilkent University, Turkey. Hopefully I'll graduate in May 2017. I graduated from Bilkent University Computer Science. Currently, Still, I'm trying to figure out what a Rasperry Pi 3 can do (Want to see my progress? )

I co-founded a smart city company called Seyisco with 3 amazing partners in crime.

I work as a UI/UX designer in Nokta Medya since June 2015. My focus in Nokta Medya is to lead digital product design processes.

I've been designing web projects since 2007 (yeah I started in primary-school) Since then, the journey continues.Being a Computer Science student increased my analytical and technical abilities about web and mobile softwares, and when it combined with my design passion, I became highly interested in the designing, developing and analysing the products and services. 

I'm a weekend Gamer, occassionally Instagrammer, full-time Snapchatter.