Go Live with One Touch!

Video content has taken over the internet for the past years and 45% of internet users view at least one online video over the course of a month, according to comScore. 100M internet users watch online video every day. 

Empower provides YouTubers with their own app's features to create unmatched engagement. Apps had a unique live streaming feature that enables content creators can reach their fans via their desktop setups to broadcast live.

The problem is, in a mobile age, content creators should not have to use external softwares in order to reach their fans wherever they want.

Our vision were to design an app that enables partners to go live with one touch

Our challenges were:

  • We have various range of persona types.  Our needs to be accessible from every partner we are working with.
  • Although we have an unique app, there are plenty of huge competitors in the market such as Periscope, Facebook, etc for our live streaming feature.

I had the privilage to work as a UI/UX Designer with amazing team members in this project.


I deeply analysed top 5 livestreaming and video apps on the market:
•    Periscope
•    Facebook Live
•    Livestream
•    YouNow
•    YouTube



Having the vision and experience from those products, I created the wireframes of our product: Empower Studio


After numerous product and technical meetings, we have set the goals and the needs of our product. 

UI Design:


We kept improving the Empower Studio since the beginning. During the further development phases we have added some new features for our partners to manage their apps easily and motivated.


I have designed both Android and iOS products with endless joy. Until now, by Empower Studio, our partners have reached over 1 million live users and gained 4M+ app downloads on the markets. Working closely with our partners, we have been continously improving the features and the experience of the Empower Studio. Since the beginning, we have been incredibly innovative and challenging ourselves in order to serve the best for our partners and users. Focusing on the key features and making them accessible is what makes Empower Studio unique and powerful!