Multidisciplinary Designer, focused on UI/UX, interested in IoT, currently living in Ankara


Empower / Mobile Live Broadcast App

Go Live with One Touch!

empower studio is an unique management tool for empower partners. Having empower studio in their pocket, partners are one click away from streaming live, set surveys and wall hashtags, send instant notifications through their mobile applications! 

Case Study


Izlesene / Home

How to make users stay?

Izlesene is the leading video and entertainment platform in Turkey. Having more than 20M+ monthly users, our challenge was to increase the engagement from the landing home page.

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Izlesene / Native Mobile Apps

Endless Video Experience

Whenever, wherever users are Izlesene's iOS and Android Apps will give the best and unique video experience among the market. In order to maintain our product experience Firebase's powerful tools used to analyze our Audiences.  

Read case study (Coming Soon)

Shots from my Dribbble 

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